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    Dreamers Camp 2020




    We are excited to be hosting our 3rd Annual CFA Dreamers Camp! We hope to encourage children with special abilities to come out and participate in an exciting football activity filled morning! We will be hosting fun drills and games for our participants.

    This is a camp designed to give children in our community with special needs and abilities an opportunity to come out an experience a fun and activity filled morning with a football theme! Each camper will be paired with a volunteer CFA athlete to have as a buddy during the various games and activities.
    The idea is to get the children out in a safe environment where they can try out things they might not get to do often. We hope to continue hosting various types of Dreamer events in our community, and want to include as many families from the various east bay communities as we can!
    Each camper will receive a free t-shirt! Be sure to order one size up when you register online if you think your child will be wearing it over their clothes.
    Each participant must be medically cleared for physical activity, and have a guardian adult with them. All types of special needs children are welcome as long as they are cleared for physical activity on a grass field! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at californiafootballacademy@hotmail.com.
    We look forward to hosting our first ever Dreamers Camp and can't wait to see you all there!

    Volunteer Coaches, Staff, and Volunteer Buddies Needed!

    We are asking coaches and athletes currently in our CFA program to volunteer their time in order to make this a special morning for our registrants!

    We need at least one CFA athlete at least 9 years of age to pair with every participant that registers. Our aim is to keep the groups small. We plan to divide the participants into at least 18 - 20 groups, and will need at least one coach per group.
    Parents! This is a fantastic way for your athlete to get involved with the community. It's an opportunity to teach them about children with different abilities that have the same goals, needs, and dreams as everyone else. It's a safe avenue to learn how to interact and be compassionate with others whom they may not understand. Please help make this a fun morning for our participants and encourage your athletes to volunteer their time.
    If you have additional questions, please contact us at californiafootballacademy@hotmail.com.
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