Here are the dates we will run practice/games this Fall 2019:

The season league practice/game schedule with times will be e-mailed to all registered players shortly after teams have been formed. All Practice/Game times can be anytime from 12:00pm - 6:00pm (2 hours per division). We play on turf throughout the season. We may play rain or shine since we are on turf. We will use our discretion on game day to determine what is best for our players, especially in the youngest division.

Fall 2019 Season Schedule:

Location: Mount Diablo High School, 2450 Grant Street, Concord, CA

*** You may no longer park on the basketball court inside the gates. Please park outside gates in designated parking spots. You may drop off players and personal items (canopies/chairs/coolers) inside gate (through basketball court), but must park out in designated parking spots.***

Note that practice/games will start after 11am

September 29 - All LeagueTeam Practice Day

Age 4-6 & Age 7-8 12pm - 1:15pm

Age 9-10 & Age 11-13 1:30pm - 3:00pm

October 6 - 1rst Practice/Game Day - Uniforms will be passed out to players by Head Coach

October 13 - 2nd Practice/Game Day

October 20 - 3rd Practice/Game Day (PICTURE DAY - anticipate possible Earlier Arrival times)

October 27 - 4th Practice/Game Day (Field Venue Change - TBD)

November 3 - 5th Practice/Game Day

November 10 - 6th Practice/Game Day

November 17 - ALL League Practice/ Game day - ALL TEAMS PLAY - Playoffs

November 24 - Reserved for Rain Out day



4-6 Fall 2019 Concord Schedule (1).pdf

7-8 Fall 2019 Concord Schedule.pdf

9-10 Fall 2019 Concord Schedule.pdf

11+ Fall 2019 Concord Schedule.pdf

*** We built in our rain out day so you may plan accordingly. Please mark the date in your calendar as a possible day for practice/games, only if needed.***

Please note that coaches may hold additional practices during the week. It is not mandatory for the coach to hold a practice. CFA understands that everyone has busy schedules and therefore we include a league scheduled practice every Sunday before your child's game.

However, if your coach has the time to hold an additional practice, we encourage and recommend that our players attend. All players are asked to attend atleast 1 practice session prior to their game. The Sunday League schedule practice is considered 1 practice session. Dates, times, and locations of the additional practices are at the discretion of your coach.