Age Cut-off:

Spring Age as of April 16th

Fall Age as of October 16th

Players may play up a division and must submit a Play up Waiver. Please submit Play up Waiver to CFA by e-mail or at the league table prior to the first game of the season.

Players may not play down, unless approved by the league. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

Example to see what division your child should be in:

If your child is currently 8, but turns 9 on October 5, he will be in the 9-10 division since he turns 9 prior to October 16. If he turns 9 after October 16, then he still can play in the 7-8 division. However, if he chooses to play up, he will just need to complete the Play Up Waiver form.

*recommended for playing up - 1 year from youngest age in division. If the gap is larger, we can make considerations based on child's skill level and seasons of experience in both flag and/or tackle, or other sports. More than 1 year must be entered manually by CFA admin. A play up waiver is required for ALL players playing above their age division.

Play Up Waiver Play Up Waiver 2017.pdf

How we communicate

All correspondence from league is by e-mail. Please notify us of any changes to your e-mail address, phone numbers, or address. Please add to your e-mail address book so that our e-mails will not go to Spam. If you have not received correspondence from us, please check you spam or contact Judi, League Coordinator by e-mail (preferred) at or (by text or phone) 925-726-9446.