How do I register my child for a league?

  1. Select the "Member LogIn" button on the top right corner of our home page
  2. Next you see a "USA Football Log In" screen. Either log in with your member email and password or if you are new to the system, create an account.
  3. This will take you to the "My Member Account" page with the following buttons on the left side: Register Now, Bonzi Team, View Team Assignments, My Registrations, Change My Password, Add A Family Member. Click on REGISTER NOW.
  4. Under the specific location (Oakley, Concord, or San Ramon) you wish to register for, find the correct SEASON and select the PLAYERS "GREEN REGISTER NOW" button.
  5. Follow the instructions to enter the parent and player information. (There is also one to register as a coach, so please pick the PLAYER one for your child.)


The policy of the CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL ACADEMY is to issue no refunds 14 days before the start of the current season or 10 days before the camp or tournament start date. CFA does not issue refunds for anything other than moving out of the area. Partial refunds will be assessed only for moving out of the area (more than 20 miles). The amount of the refund will be no greater than 50% of the fees paid depending on when the request was made during the season. No refunds are given on spirit wear or helmets ( rented or purchased). Unfortunately, refunds will not be given for any other reasons, including but not limited to injury during the season, unhappy with team assignment, weather cancellations, request not honored. Refunds can only be requested by members listed on the child's registration. Credit Card returns will only go back on the card originally used to pay for the program. Checks will only be sent to the address listed on the registration, unless official proof of address change is provided. CFA will not give refunds or prorate fees for missed practices or games due to late registration. California Football Academy does not guarantee games and will not give refunds for cancellation of games due to bad weather conditions, city or school district field closure, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, pandemics, medical and other disasters that are determined to be unsafe and hazardous to our players, coaches, and families.

Does flag football involve any tackling or contact?

Flag football is a non-contact version of the sport. Pulling flags is the equivalent of a tackle in this sport.

Can I get a copy of the CFA Rules, policy and procedures?

Yes, please click on link to download CFA NFL Flag rules revision 030917.docx (Updated Rules book coming soon)

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers the cost of the season for your player, as well as a complete team uniform with shorts and a personalized jersey. The mouthpiece and Rock Solid Helmet purchase or rental is NOT included. All players must have a mouthpiece and Rock Solid Helmet to participate in all games. Your Rock Solid helmet should be rented or purchased through the link on our Home page to have the option to rent or to purchase at a discount price.

How long does the football season run?

Each season will vary on exact dates. The fall season will run from September through November. The spring season runs from March through late May or early June.

Each season will consist of six regular season games, playoff Sunday and Championship Sunday. ALL players play on Playoff and Championship day. In addition to the season schedule there will be one or two League Practice only days at the start of the season.

Who are the CFA coaches?

Coaches are typically volunteer parents or family members helping the players learn and enjoy the game. Parents are encouraged to support the coach at all times.

All coaches are required to complete the on-line Coach Volunteer Registration on our website to insure all coaches go through a background check service.

The Coaches Code of Conduct is now a part of the registration process. If you do not check off that you have read this document, it will not allow you to continue with the registration process. Please read the code of conduct carefully.

Our CFA league representative will also need to see your driver's license for verification, which is required for a background check. A photo copy of your driver's license is recommended. Background checks are run once a year.

All CFA coaches who have registered on-line and have gone through the on line background check will receive a Coach's shirt for the current season. A coach MUST have a Coach's shirt to be on the Team sideline during games.

How do I become a CFA coach?

In order to coach, you need to register online using the coach registration form found by clicking on the link -> Coach.

What do team managers do?

Team managers are a vital part of the CFA family. They help their team coach organize team events, help keep the parents connected and informed about team schedules and encourage positive game play. A team manager must also register on-line. Use the Coaches registration link to register, but in the on-line registration form, you will choose Team Manager.

Are the players required to wear a mouth guard?

Yes. In order to participate during the scheduled game, your player MUST be wearing a mouth guard. We believe in the safety of our athletes. Mouth guards are optional during practices, but strongly encouraged for safety purposes.

Copy and past link below for an article as to why mouth guards are important:

Are cleats required for my athlete?

Cleats are recommended but not required. Rubber or plastic cleats are fine, but metal cleats are NOT allowed.

Are players required to have a Rock Solid soft shelled helmet?

Starting with our Fall 2017 Season, all players are REQUIRED to wear a Rock Solid Soft Shell helmet. Your Rock Solid helmet should be rented or purchased through the link on our Home page to have the option to rent or to purchase at a discount price.

Why does my player have to use a Rock Solid Helmet and not ANY soft shelled helmet?

The Rock Solid Soft Shell helmet is the ONLY soft shelled helmet specifically designed for non-contact football. We believe in keeping your athlete as safe as possible, and to minimize any injury that could occur.

Where do I purchase or rent a Rock Solid Helmet for my player?

You must purchase your rock solid helmet or choose a rental by following our special link below in order to get the California Football Academy discount, or even have the option to rent a helmet.

Where are the football games?

The location varies on which league you are in, but your pratice / game day location will always be in the same place. Your practice will be 45 - 60 minutes prior to your game.

The coach is holding extra practices, does my player have to attend?

Coaches are not required to hold additional practices during the week, nor are players required to attend the additional practices. However, should your coach have the time to hold an additional practice, we highly encourage you to attend if it does not conflict with your schedule. The additional practice days and times are at the discretion of the coach. Your athlete should attend the league scheduled practice 45 - 60 minutes prior to your child's game. A player should attend at least ONE practice during the week and/or the Sunday practice. A coach may use their discretion for the child's playing time, only if safety is in question.

CFA does not believe in preventing a child from participating in a game if they are knowledgable of the plays and how to play the game. However we do ask our parents to be courteous and to understand that registration for the season requires commitment on both the parents and players part. CFA strongly believes in participation and therefore does not recommend that a child be kept from playing in a league game for more than 50% of the game for a missed practice, as long as the child is familiar with the game and there is no safety concerns. Communication is important between coach and parent. If there are any concerns regarding playing time, please address with your coach first. Please contact us at 925-726-9446 if you need to contact a CFA league Representative.

Does California Football Academy offer any sort of financial scholarships for someone who might not be able to afford the fees?

Yes, California Football Academy has options available. Please contact Judi Weisenberg for more information at

Below is the Scholarship form


What age division is my player eligible for?

The age cutoff date for Spring Season is April 16th, and for Fall Season the age cutoff date is October 16th. Whatever age your child is as of that date, is the age division your child should be signed up for. (ex. If the season starts on Sept 10th, but your child turns 9 on October 1st, your child would be placed in the 9-10 division.)

Can my child play up or move down an age division?

You can NOT move your player into a lower age division. You MAY move your athlete into a higher age division. This requires signing a Play Up waiver (Play Up Waiver 2017.pdf ) You may print , sign, and turn in waiver to league by the first practice day or e-mail to .

Can an athlete submit a friend request AND a coach request?

No. You can only choose to do one of those things. You may either request your coach, which is on a first come first serve basis, or submit a friend request form.

How do I get my player on the same team as a friend?

In order to be on the same team as a friend, you must submit a friend request form in person at the specified date and time, and your friend must also submit a friend request form with your information on it. The friend request form can be found HERE.

I have two children in the same age group, will they be on the same team?

Yes, we automatically put siblings on the same team if they are in the same age division, unless specified otherwise.

I want to request a specific coach, how do I do that?

You will need to print out the coach request form which can be found HERE.

You will then need to fill out the information and drop it off IN PERSON on the specified date for that season. Coach requests can ONLY be submitted in person. Each coach has a limit of 5 coach requests, and are selected on a first come, first serve basis.

How can I volunteer to help CFA?

Is there a sponsorship program for California Football Academy?

What size football does the league use?

4 - 6 age (4-5 in Oakley): mini

6 - 8 age (6 Yr. & 7-8 in Oakley): pee wee

9 - 11 age (9-10 & 11-12 in Oakley): junior

12-14 age (13-15 in Oakley): youth

What size are the football fields? Are games played on Turf or Grass?

The field dimensions are approximately 30 yards by 70 yards with two 10-yard end zones, and a midfield line-to-gain. No-Run Zones precede each line-to-gain by 5 yards. However, field size may vary based on field availability for each league.

Fields are both turf and grass fields:

Oakley - grass

San Ramon - Turf

Concord - grass (with access to turf if needed)

How are the league teams formed?

Upon completion of final registration, all in-person registration will be added to the system. All coach and friend request forms are turned over to the CFA administration assigned to establish the teams in each division.

CFA non-coach staff will form teams in the following manner -

  • All Coaching staff including team managers added to team, coach requests added in the order they were received (limit of 5, including coaching staff kids)
  • Teams without coach requests will have a few spots filled based on age, location(school), and experience.
  • Friend requests (paired) will be placed on teams, with consideration of age, location (school), and experience.
  • Remaining players will be added to teams by blind draw, with consideration of age, location (school), and experience.

Coach Request Policy

Players may request a coach by turning in the request form at the final in-person registration. The form MUST be submitted in-person. NO e-mails or mail delivered by the US Post Office or other carrier will be accepted. Please makes sure you read and understand the coach request guidelines before submitting. Coach Request forms are assigned a number at the time they are submitted. The number indicates the order in which the forms are received. Coach requests are assigned after all registered coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers children have been assigned to the team. Coach requests are assigned on a first come basis.

Each team will be guaranteed a maximum of 5 coach requests. Included in the 5 guaranteed players are the Head coach, assistant coach(es), and team manager's children.

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